Dr. Noel is an expert in Mergers Analysis. He has extensive experience in evaluating product and geographic market definition and the potential for unilateral and coordinated effects in a wide variety of industries. Dr. Noel has taught, and published research, on advanced merger analysis methods including econometric merger simulations, merger simulation light, upward price pressure, critical loss analysis, SSNIP, and benchmarking methods. Dr. Noel has advised industry and government on market definition and competitive effects in numerous merger reviews across a wide range of industries from Oil & Gas to banking to internet advertising to publishing to groceries, as well as others.


Areas of Mergers Expertise

  • Product Market Definition and Geographic Market Definition
  • Estimation of Potential Unilateral and Coordinated Effects
  • HHI Concentration Analysis, HMT, and SSNIP Analyses
  • Critical Elasticity Analysis, Critical Loss Analysis
  • Upward Price Pressure (UPP), GUPPI, Merger Simulation Light
  • Econometric Merger Simulations
  • Benchmarking, With/Without Analysis, But-For Analysis

Mergers Case Experience

Related Expertise