Dr. Noel is an expert on the Economics of Antitrust. He has advised industry and government in litigation and regulatory matters on a variety of antitrust issues, including price fixing, market division, resale price maintenance, price discrimination, and monopolization. Dr. Noel is perhaps best known for his work on antitrust issues in downstream gasoline markets, in particular on competitive pricing patterns that are often mistaken as evidence of various antitrust infractions. Dr. Noel has taught Antitrust Economics courses at the graduate and undergraduate levels over the past twenty years and has given more than a hundred seminars on Antitrust issues at universities and conferences around the world.


Areas of Antitrust Expertise

  • Price Fixing, Market Division, and Group Boycotts
  • Price Discrimination including Robinson-Patman Act and Universal Commercial Code (UCC) 2.305 "Good Faith" Matters
  • Predatory Pricing and Sales-Below-Cost Laws
  • Resale Price Maintenance
  • Tying and Bundling
  • Exclusive Dealing and Refusals to Deal
  • Product and Geographic Market Definition Exercises

Antitrust Case Experience

Related Expertise