Oil & Gas

Dr. Noel is an expert on Oil & Gas competition. He has advised government and industry on a wide range of Antitrust, Merger, and Damages matters in the Oil & Gas industry in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Australia over the past twenty years. Dr. Noel has published extensively on Oil & Gas competition in leading professional journals in economics and is internationally known for his work on dynamic price competition among downstream refiners and retailers in particular. He is perhaps best known for pioneering the professional literature on price cycles in retail gasoline markets. Dr. Noel's Oil & Gas research is widely cited by economists and national competition authorities, and has been featured in several investigative reports by national competition agencies, including the Federal Trade Commission in the U.S.


Areas of Oil & Gas Expertise

  • Downstream Marketing and Refining
  • The Economics of Retail Gasoline Pricing and Retail Gasoline Competition
  • The Economics of Wholesale Gasoline Pricing and Wholesale Gasoline Competition
  • Mergers in the Oil & Gas Industry: Market Definition, Unilateral and Coordinated Effects, Efficiencies, Entry, etc.
  • Antitrust Issues in the Oil & Gas Industry: Price Fixing, Price Discrimination, Resale Price Maintenance, 2-305 Good Faith Disputes in Open Price Contracts, etc.
  • Damages and Valuations
  • Fuel Pricing and Business Strategy

Oil & Gas Case Experience

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