Damages & Valuations

Dr. Noel is an expert in calculating Damages & Valuations in a wide range of settings, from Antitrust disputes to Contract disputes to Labor & Employment disputes. Dr. Noel is thorough and rigorous in his data-driven approach to damages estimation. He is also experienced in critical review, evaluating the work of others and uncovering any hidden errors or other problems that can infect damages estimates and render those estimates unreliable.


Areas of Damages & Valuations Expertise

  • Damages Stemming from Antitrust Matters, e.g. Price Fixing, Predatory Pricing, Price Discrimination
  • Lost Wages and Lost Household Services in Labor & Employment Matters
  • Valuations of Contract Rights
  • Valuations of Private Companies, Products, or Brands
  • Forecasting and Prediction

Damages Case Experience

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