Big Data & Econometrics

Dr. Noel is an M.I.T.-trained empirical economist skilled in applying cutting-edge statistical and econometric techniques to large and complex datasets. He is as comfortable working with large datasets containing millions upon millions of observations as he is with smaller ones. Dr. Noel can distill vast amounts of raw data into simple and concise answers, and explain the key lessons from Big Data in a simplest and most straightforward way.


Areas of Data and Econometrics Expertise

  • Advanced Statistical and Econometric Analysis
  • OLS, GLS, Instrumental Variables, Non-Linear Estimation, etc.
  • Discrete Choice Models, Random Coefficients Models, Merger Simulations, Systems Estimation, etc.
  • Data Management
  • Predictive Analytics & Pattern Search
  • Demand Estimation and Price Optimization

Big Data & Econometrics Case Experience

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