Explore Dr. Noel's areas of expertise. Dr. Noel has advised industry and government on a wide range of Competition matters, including Antitrust, Mergers, Business Strategy, and Labor & Employment matters, in the U.S. and internationally. He has analyzed issues in a wide variety of industries, including the Oil & Gas industry, banking, retail products, supermarkets, health care, pharmaceuticals, payment cards, book publishing, auto manufacturing, and others. Dr. Noel is known for his thorough and rigorous approach to analysis, and his ability to communicate the results of even complex analyses in a simple and straightforward manner. In addition, Dr. Noel is known for his skills in critical review, in particular, his ability to uncover hidden errors and assumptions in the reports of others that can materially affect the reliability of those reports. Dr. Noel's critical review skills are regularly called upon as he serves as a referee for over fifty leading professional journals in the Economics discipline.