Predictive Analytics Case Experience

Eliminating Inefficiency and Consumer Loss

Dr. Noel has worked with government, non-profits and businesses to help eliminate inefficiency in their operations and, separately, to eliminate unnecessary consumer loss. First of all, production inefficiency is a problem in many businesses. Many internal processes are run in an inefficient manner, and often the reason given for why things are done as they are done is along the lines of: "because we've always done it this way". Not surprisingly, old ways are not necessarily the best ways. Dr. Noel uses a combination of data and efficiency expertise to find and eliminate areas of inefficiency and waste and improve the bottom line.

Second, one of the largest problems affecting many businesses, and one of the least appreciated, is unnecessary failures in its front-end interface with customers. Most people can recall one or more bad experiences with a business over something that was entirely unnecessary and avoidable. It could be a poor interaction with a staff member, a sloppily-made product, a recurring billing problem, or an inability for a company to rectify a problem without repeated tries. It is well known that many customers will not complain, but will share their negative experiences with others and not return. If a consumer does complain, the complaint often does not make it to someone with sufficient authority to make changes and ensure the same problem does not resurface over and over again. Dr. Noel works with businesses and agencies to identify unnecessary and avoidable front-end problems, minimize complaints and customer loss, and regain the revenues that many businesses do not realize they have lost in the first place.

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