Labor & Employment Case Experience

Lost Wages and Lost Household Services

An employee of a materials company was fatally injured in an workplace accident, and a lawsuit was brought for economic damages, including lost wages and the loss of the employee's household services. Dr. Noel was retained to calculate potential damages under the assumption that the finder of fact would conclude that the defendants were economically responsible for a wrongful death. Dr. Noel was also asked to review the damages calculations provided by the opposing expert and to correct any errors he might find.

Dr. Noel corrected numerous errors in the opposing experts' report, including failures to correctly estimate work-life expectancy, life expectancy, expected wages and benefits, discount rates, tax rates, and the value of lost household services. Some errors overstated damages, others understated them, but overall Dr. Noel found that the opposing expert report overstated the economic component of damages in the case. Dr. Noel presented corrected damages estimates, and damages estimates for several alternate life scenarios not considered by the opposing expert. The case was settled shortly thereafter on reasonable terms without the need for trial.

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